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If you are here you must be searching `Sell My House Fast Gainesville FL` on google! G&T Debt Solutions is a full-service real estate and mortgage company serving the Gainesville area. We have been helping homeowners and investors with their real estate needs for many 30 years. We know how important it is for you to have a successful sale of your property, so we work around the clock to make sure that happens. When you contact us, one of our agents will be happy to talk with you about your home sale needs and how we can help.

Our mission is to give our clients the best possible experience when selling their homes. We want you to feel confident that we are working hard to get your house sold quickly, while also making sure that you get the best price possible.

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G & T Debt Solutions

G&T Debt Solutions is the best way to sell your house quickly in Gainesville FL. We will also help you get rid of any debt and start over. Our focus is to provide a professional and effective solution to all of our clients. We will work with you every step of the way until your house sells as quickly as possible and at the highest possible valuation.

A local real estate agent can help you find a buyer for your house, but they generally don’t have access to all the same resources that we do. At G&T Debt Solutions, our Real Estate Consultants have access to all kinds of tools and resources that can help us sell your house faster than other real estate agents.

In addition to having access to lenders who specialize in short sales and other types of debt, we also have relationships with attorneys who specialize in bankruptcy law and foreclosure avoidance.

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Credit Repair

We help people who have been turned down for credit and loans because of poor credit history, bankruptcy, or delinquent payments. We have years of experience in credit repair and rebuilding. Our team has worked with thousands of clients to help them get back on track with their finances and put an end to their financial woes. We repair your credit history so that you can get the best possible rates on loans and credit cards.

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Credit Improvement

Our professional team of Credit Repair professionals helps you to improve your credit score and increase your chances of approval for any type of loan or credit card application. We employ several lifestyle changes that will help improve your credit score over time. These include things like paying bills on time, paying down debts, building up good payment history, and learning about how to manage finances better in general.

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Buy House For Cash

If you are looking to buy a home but don't have enough cash available, we can help! We specialize in buying homes throughout the USA using cash offers, FHA loans, USDA loans, VA loans, and many other options available on the market today! Our expert team will work closely with you to find out what your goals are as well as your current financial situation so that we can help you reach them by improving your credit score.


  • Expertise: G&T Debt Solutions is a debt relief agency that specializes in shortening the duration of payments and cutting down interest costs.
  • Committed: We help you with all your financial needs, whether it’s with a new car or home, we are here to help.
  • Dedicated: We can provide you with some useful information that can help you make informed decisions about your finances.


What They’re Saying

I was looking to sell my house fast for market value and G&T Debt Solutions made it happen. They were able to help me find someone in a very short amount of time with no hassle. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an easy home sale.

Frank Milton

I had tried to sell the house on my own for over a year and no one was buying. I checked out all of the other companies, but yours seemed to be the best option for me. G&T Debt Solutions was fast, professional, and great at what you do! The way you explained everything to me in a way I could understand helped me feel confident that I made the right choice.

Sue Hammond

I would like to take this opportunity to say how very pleased I was with your company and the service you provided. I honestly believe that you are one of the best companies that I have ever dealt with, for any reason.

Sidney McKelvy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    G&T Debt Solutions is a debt relief company that helps individuals and families to overcome their financial problems and make their dreams of buying and selling homes a reality. Our company offers a wide range of services that are designed to help people who are struggling with finances. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to the same level of service that we provide our clients. Our team will work diligently to ensure that you receive the best results possible from our services.
    The best way to sell a house is through the traditional marketing method, which includes print ads, newspaper ads, direct mail,, and internet advertising. But it could be very hectic, choose a company like us that has great reviews by previous clients.
    Make sure that your house is clean and neat inside and out (including the yard). Also, make sure that all appliances are working properly, and that there are no loose wires around the house (this could cause damage). Many variables affect how long it takes to sell a home. It depends on the size of your home, how close it is to being sold out and whether or not there are any problems with the property.
    If you have chosen a good company that understands your needs and has done some research, then this is possible. The key is to find a company that understands what buyers want and can help them achieve their goals through creative marketing strategies.
    Depends on your situation, but you may want to consider it if you're planning on selling shortly and want to sell quickly. Decorating the house before listing it will give potential buyers more confidence in the home's value and make it easier for them to envision themselves living there. It also gives them a better idea of how much they can expect to pay for the home.

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    If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or foreclosure avoidance options for your home, we can help with it too! We have dealt with many lenders over the years, so we know how they operate and what their policies are. We work to help get rid of your debt and keep you in control of your finances.

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