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AmeriSpec Chicago is one the best inspection company that provides affordable Radon Testing & Inspections Berwyn IL. We have been providing top-quality services for years and are one of the most reliable and trusted names in the market. Our experts are highly trained and well-versed in the field of radon detection. Moreover, all our services are done under the supervision of experienced professionals. We make sure you have no surprises when it comes time to close on your new home!

Our mission is to provide you with excellent customer service and quality radon testing & inspection services at an affordable price! Our workers are professional and knowledgeable in their field and can answer all of your questions.

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AmeriSpec Chicago - Xperience Home Inspections, LLC

AmeriSpec Chicago experts are available 24/7 to assist you with your home inspection and radon testing needs. We provide affordable Radon Testing & Inspections in Berwyn for easy access to everyone. We make sure that you have a safe environment for your family so that you can enjoy your home without worrying about harmful levels of radon.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in conducting the highest-rated Radon Testing as well as radon mitigation services. We have a wide range of experience in this field, which helps us to deliver high-quality services at affordable rates.

We take pride in being able to provide our customers with services that meet their expectations, without any compromise on quality or safety standards. Our Radon mitigation & testing professionals are trained to identify any structural problems or hazards in your home, as well as the level of risk associated with those issues.

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AmeriSpec Chicago Pre Listing Inspection

Pre Listing Inspection Service

We provide pre-listing inspection services to buyers and sellers. Our inspections cover all aspects of the home such as structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems, and fire protection system. We can perform a home inspection before you sign your new home contract. This will save you time and money by preventing problems that could arise after the closing date.

AmeriSpec Chicago Condo Inspection Service

Condo Inspection

Our condominium inspectors have years of experience inspecting units in complex buildings such as condos, townhouses, and apartments. We take pride in our work and want to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our service before they move into their new homes or condo. We offer periodic inspections so you know how well your unit is being maintained by the building maintenance staff.

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Pool Inspection

We offer pool inspection services for any size pool whether it's an above-ground pool or an inground pool. Our inspectors will look at all aspects of your pool including water quality, chemicals used in swimming pool maintenance, pumps, filters, and other equipment associated with your pool safety needs.


  • Expertise: Our experienced team is here to help you choose the most effective way for your home or business to address this issue.
  • Committed: We offer an extensive selection of radon remediation products and services, from in-home testing to professional installation.
  • Dedicated: We are dedicated to providing the highest quality radon removal products and Berwyn Radon Testing & Inspection services.


What They’re Saying

The inspector was incredibly helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. He gave me great advice about the work I needed to do and answered all of my questions. He was very thorough and took the time to explain everything he was doing. I would recommend AmeriSpec Chicago!

Roy Lewis

AmeriSpec Chicago provided an inspection service that was comprehensive and efficient, and the price was right. They were able to schedule my inspection quickly. The inspector was on time, and very professional.

Andrea Walker

I was looking for Radon Testing & Inspections near me and AmeriSpec was the most affordable service I could find. They did a great job and were very professional! Also, they were super friendly and flexible, I would recommend them to a friend.

Charles Fernandez

    Frequently Asked Questions

    AmeriSpec Chicago is proud to say that we have been providing our services to many satisfied customers from all over the world. We offer a wide range of radon mitigation solutions that can help you save money while improving your indoor air quality through improved ventilation systems, air cleaners, and dehumidifiers among others. Our experts use these solutions to make sure that your home remains safe from harmful levels of radiation while also enhancing its overall resale value.

    The symptoms of radon poisoning can vary depending on the level of exposure, but if you live in a house with elevated levels of radon, some noticeable signs may be present including shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, and coughing up blood.

    Your lungs' cells may become damaged by radon gas, which could result in cancer. Though it often takes 5 to 25 years for symptoms to manifest, radon is estimated to blame for roughly 21,000 lung cancer deaths annually in the United States.

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    Our mission is to provide you with excellent customer service and quality radon testing & inspection services at an affordable price! Our workers are professional and knowledgeable in their field and can answer all of your questions

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