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Rainbow International Restoration is a leading provider of Master Odor Removal South Denver. Our experts are trained to remove the smell of pet urine or feces from your carpet. We use a variety of different chemicals and equipment to eliminate odors using advanced methods and cleaning techniques. From upholstery to carpets, each job is different and we’ll attack the problem specifically with our custom approach.

Our mission is to leave your home or office smelling as if there was never an accident in the first place. We want you to see the difference that you can smell. Our experienced technicians will identify and eliminate odors that come from inside your home using air sanitizers and specialized deodorizing procedures.

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Rainbow International Restoration

Rainbow International Restoration is the best odor removal service South Denver CO has to offer. We believe that no job should be left to chance, that’s why we always use the best equipment, products, and methods available to us.

We will start with a resurface which will remove any visible residue and soiled area. Next is our hot water extraction method. This is our most effective method of removing odor. Our last step is heavily spraying your specific areas again and encapsulating them, making sure that smells never come back!

We understand that every situation is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we offer a free consultation where we’ll thoroughly analyze your situation and develop a custom solution for you. Our team of experts will work with you to determine what type of odor removal solution is right for your home or business and how much it will cost.

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Water Damage Restoration

We offer immediate response for water and our team can help restore your property after a major incident such as a fire or storm. We understand that your home is much more than just a place to live; it's also an investment. That's why we work hard to help you protect your property from unexpected issues that can arise due to weather or other events.

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Smoke Damage Restoration

Our smoke damage restoration specialists are trained to remove smoke odor from carpets, furniture, and wood surfaces. If you have been exposed to smoke during an event like a fire or a power outage, we can help get rid of the lingering odor by using our equipment and techniques that are effective in removing odors caused by smoke.

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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration can be complex because it requires specialized cleaning techniques that will restore your property to its original condition when it was uninjured by fire or water damage. We have experience with every level of fire damage restoration including structural drying and mold remediation.

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Odor Removal

We’re experts at removing odor from any surface. We use advanced methods to safely remove the odor from mildew caused by mold growth in the air ducts of your home or office space. Also, our team has the knowledge and experience needed to get your home or business back to normal quickly. We use advanced methods to safely remove odor from your home.


What They’re Saying

I am very happy with the Odor Removal Service near me that was provided by Rainbow International Restoration. The technician was very professional and courteous. He took his time to discuss the odor removal procedure and answered all of my questions. I would refer them to anyone in need of odor elimination services.

Ann Gray

We were referred to Rainbow by a friend who had used them for their Mold Removal Services in South Denver CO. We were so happy with how they handled our situation that we hired them again when we had odor issues. The staff was very helpful and polite, and they were able to help us deal with the issue fast.

Lester Neumann

We were very satisfied with the work that Rainbow International Restoration did. They removed the stench from our basement, and we couldn't be happier!

Cathy Wiley

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    Our experts use cutting-edge technology to eliminate all kinds of odors from any type of room, including the bathroom and storeroom. We take pride in providing the best customer service possible so we know that you will be happy with our work once we finish up!

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