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AmeriSpec Chicago team consists of experienced inspectors who have been in the business for over 10 years, with a combined experience of over 30 years. We use state-of-the-art equipment and software to ensure that your inspection is accurate and complete. We have extensive training on various types of inspections, including structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and pest control inspections. We provide an efficient and professional Condo Inspection Brookfield IL to our clients.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service, accuracy, and professionalism at a competitive price. We specialize in residential inspection reports which are tailored to meet your individual needs.

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AmeriSpec Chicago - Xperience Home Inspections, LLC

AmeriSpec Chicago is a family-owned company that offers expertise in all types of condo inspection services, including pre and post-construction. We take pride in providing our customers with honest, reliable Brookfield Condo Inspection and quality results.

Our Best Home Inspectors help clients navigate the complexities of condo inspections and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their investments.

The inspection process can be overwhelming for anyone involved in buying a condominium. But we have made it easy for you by creating a comprehensive website that provides information about our company and our services so you can make an informed decision about your next purchase or sale.

We’re here for you during every transaction phase, from pre-sale preparation to closing. Our team is dedicated to providing timely, expert advice on all aspects of real estate transactions whether you’re buying or selling a single unit or an entire complex of units.

Our Services

What We Offer

AmeriSpec Chicago Pre Listing Inspection

Pre Listing Inspection Service

We offer a comprehensive pre-listing inspection to determine the condition and value of your home. We will review the home from curb to curb, inside and out, and show you what needs to be done to make you the best offer possible. We also perform walk-through inspections before closing on a home purchase. This allows buyers to see if any maintenance issues need to be addressed before purchase.

AmeriSpec Chicago Condo Inspection Service

Pool & Spa Inspection

Our inspectors are trained in pool & spa construction, maintenance, and repair. We will walk through your pool with you so that you can discuss any concerns or questions you may have about its condition before purchasing it. We will also test for radon levels and provide an inspection report that details any problems with your pool or spa as well as their estimated cost for repairs or replacement.

AmeriSpec Chicago Radon Testing Inspection

Radon Testing and Inspection

We test your home's radon levels to determine whether they pose a health risk if left unchecked. Our expert technicians will conduct this test in your home and provide you with a report showing how much radon is present in your living space. We accomplish this by performing a thorough visual inspection of your home, yard, and exterior. We also take the time to examine both the interior and exterior of the house as well as any crawl spaces or basements.


  • Expertise: We have been providing home services for years, and have built a strong relationship with many local families throughout the area.
  • Committed: We are committed to providing our customers exceptional service, professionalism, and integrity in every aspect of our business.
  • Dedicated: We are dedicated to providing the best service possible for our clients, who we consider to be our friends.


What They’re Saying

I was referred to this company by a friend who had used them for high-quality home inspections in the past. They came out and did an inspection of the condo and then sent me the report. It was very detailed, I could tell they were serious about their business.

Ronald Alexander

As a former contractor, I’m familiar with the importance of working with a professional home inspection company. That’s why I have used AmeriSpec Chicago for the last 2 years for my own home and investment properties. I’ve never been disappointed in their thorough and precise inspections. Their inspectors are always on time, friendly and professional.

Holly Aldana

I wanted to say thanks for the great service. You guys are on time, professional, and polite. Your report is also very extensive and easy to read. I plan on continuing to use your company in the future, and will recommend you to others who are looking for Condo Inspection in my area!

Martha Meaghar

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We provide the best Condo Inspection Brookfield! Our inspectors at AmeriSpec Chicago look at everything from electrical outlets to flooring, plumbing, and heating systems, as well as inspections of window frames, doors, and more! We also offer post-construction inspections once your new condo is complete to make sure that everything looks great at the move-in time! We ensure there are no problems with the project such as missing materials or code violations.

    The average time for a condo inspection is about 2 hours. This time can vary depending on the size of your home and the complexity of your project. AmeriSpec Chicago condo inspections are conducted to ensure that the building complies with local, state, and federal codes.

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    Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service, accuracy, and professionalism at a competitive price. We specialize in residential inspection reports which are tailored to meet your individual needs.

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