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G&T Debt Solutions is a locally owned company that buys houses for cash in Jackson MS. We understand that dealing with debt can be stressful, especially when it involves your home. That’s why we are here to help you out. Our experts will help you find a solution that fits your needs and goals, whether that means selling your house for cash or simply getting rid of some of your existing debt obligations. We will also help you get rid of your mortgage or another type of debt quickly and efficiently.

Our mission is to help homeowners avoid foreclosure by providing them with an opportunity to sell and buy their house quickly, at a fair price, and with no hassle. We do this by providing a solution for severe financial problems that can not be solved through normal means.

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G & T Debt Solutions

G&T Debt Solutions help homeowners obtain a fresh start by purchasing their homes for cash so they may put their money into something more practical and valuable.

We buy houses that are in foreclosure or short sale situations or any situation where the homeowner needs to sell quickly and move on with their life. We can also help you with short sales if you have made an offer on your house but the seller has not accepted yet.

We are not a real estate agency that buys houses on commission. Instead, we are an independent firm that works directly with homeowners to buy their houses without having to sell them ourselves. We then make arrangements with the buyer so that they can purchase the house from us at a price that is better than what they would receive if they sold it on their own.

We have been doing this for many years and have built up a great reputation for providing excellent service to our customers in Jackson MS.

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Credit Repair

We can help you repair any problems that might be affecting your credit scores, such as late payments or collections accounts being listed on your report. We will also work with creditors to remove negative items from your reports so that lenders won’t see them when calculating your score and making decisions about whether or not to approve an application for credit or insurance coverage.

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Credit Improvement

Our Credit Improvement services will help you get back on track by improving your credit score and understanding how it works. We’ll also teach you how to improve your finances so that you don’t have to rely on credit when it comes time for buying a house or getting a loan for an expensive purchase such as a car or motorcycle.

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Sell House Fast

If you’re looking for a way out of your current home, then this is the service for you! We buy homes in cash and sell them fast! Our team specializes in helping sellers sell their homes quickly and for top dollar – no matter what their situation is like financially. Our team consists of experienced real estate professionals who are ready to assist with all aspects of selling your home fast – from staging, marketing.


  • Expertise: Our experts work with you to determine your current financial situation and then find the best solution for you.
  • Committed: Whether you are looking for foreclosure assistance or need some extra cash for your budget, we can help.
  • Dedicated: Our professionals help clients through their difficult times by helping them pay off their debts and get back on track financially.


What They’re Saying

I needed to Buy Houses For Cash in my area and G&T Debt Solutions were able to do so quickly. I was very happy with the service that they provided me. Their advice and knowledge of the industry were invaluable.

Bonnie Cargill

We have been working with G&T Debt Solutions for about six months now and are very impressed by the level of service we have received. Our property was on the market with another agent for six months without any viewings. We then moved it to G&T Debt Solutions who showed the property to several prospective buyers and we had an offer within two weeks which was accepted.

Marcus Lang

Thank you so much for your professional approach. I have already recommended G&T Debt Solutions to several of my friends.

Melvin Little

    Frequently Asked Questions

    G&T Debt Solutions offers several different options for those who need help with their finances. We can help you with your mortgage problems, credit repair, and even sell your home fast if necessary. We are an experienced organization with a focus on helping low-income individuals, individuals with disabilities, and senior citizens. Our first step is to understand your situation, so we can identify the best approach for your needs. We will also help you reduce the amount of debt you owe by negotiating with creditors and arranging payment plans with them. Call us today if you are looking for Companies That Buy Houses for Cash!
    Yes, you can. When you’re looking at buying a house outright with no mortgage and making payments through a cash-out refinance, it’s sometimes called “buying a house with cash.” You can also use this strategy if you have bad credit and need to rebuild your score.
    It depends on your situation and financial goals. If you're planning on buying a house with cash and paying it off quickly, then yes, it is smart to use this method. However, if you plan on holding onto the property for many years or even decades, then you may want to consider other options like an FHA loan or VA loan instead.
    Yes, our company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and we adhere to all standards set by them. We do not work with or sell any products that are not backed by the original lender or mortgage company. We also have an A+ rating from the BBB, which means you can trust us!

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    We have been doing this for many years and have built up a great reputation for providing excellent service to our customers in Jackson MS. We let you sell your house immediately and move forward with your new life. If you have any questions about our cash buying companies then contact us today!

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